D20L25 Schmidt Joint Boton Tractor Shaft Encoder Coupling



A Schmidt coupling is a type of coupling designed to accommodate large radial displacement between two shafts. Consisting of an arrangement of links and discs—three discs rotating in unison, interconnected in series by three or more links between each pair of disks—a Schmidt coupling can adapt to very wide variations in radial displacement while running under load. Couplings can be made to allow radial displacement greater than twice the radius of the disks.


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In operation, all three discs of a Schmidt coupling rotate with equal velocity. The bearing-mounted connections of links to discs are spaced 120° apart on same-diameter pitch circles. The distance between the shafts can be varied steplessly between the minimum value and a maximum of twice the length of the links. While the coupling is undulating, there is no phase shift between shafts.

The constant-velocity relationship between input and output shafts joined by a Schmidt coupling is unaffected by changes in radial displacement. This relationship is similarly unaffected by initial radial reaction forces which could otherwise imbalance the system.

Schmidt couplings maintain constant velocity between the input and output shafts while the shafts undergo radial shifts in their relative positions.

If a Schmidt coupling is operating at high speed the shafts must never become close to co-linear, when co-linear the lateral position of the middle disk is no longer fixed and it is free to oscillate around the shafts, causing extreme vibration in some situations.




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